Atlantis Renovation & Design is outstanding! You are the first company that did everything you said you would in the time you promised
and at the price you quoted.
-Benay W.

Joseph did an excellent job managing all aspects of the design and build of our master bath and closet remodel. Joseph was able to turn
our dreams into reality and our bathroom is now a beautiful and functional space.
-Amy L.

From the beginning design phase throughout the construction process and to completing and adding the last minute details, Atlantis
Renovation & Design exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Atlantis for any project, big or small.
-John W.

Everyone that has seen our bathrooms loves them!
-Andrea H.

We continually show off your great work at our house and pass it on to our friends if they are looking for a great company to work with.
-Christopher H.

I was so impressed with Atlantis Renovation & Design that I hired them to do a custom fireplace surround for me…It is too bad my house is
done or I would hire them to do something else!
-Carol F.

The key differences between Atlantis Renovation & Design and the other contractors…were their availability/responsiveness to our
inquiries and a genuine willingness to incorporate our ideas into the construction/design plan.
-Steve & Mario J.

Our home is in the Mississauga area and is 30 years old. We had been wishing to renovate since moving in fourteen years ago. It finally came down to move or “make it like we wanted” decision. We love our neighborhood, so the decision was made to remodel. The process is very personal, both in terms of who is in your home and how receptive they are to changes during the process. We spent a lot of time
trying to get a feel for various remodeling firms from a quality/philosophy perspective.
Joseph is an honest human being who bids a job with the “sharpest pencil” in the business. They produce quality work of which they are
very proud. Joe and Jared both possess the ability and talent to translate the “homeowner’s” desires into a finished product that reflected both their talents and our  wishes. Throughout the ten weeks that they were in our home, we never felt uneasy or anxious about their presence. In fact, when the job was done, my wife actually missed them. Our selection of Atlantis Renovation & Design has given us
the house we set out to achieve and some new friends as well. In our book, that’s the definition of money well spent.
– Mr. & Mrs. Wysong

Thank you, Joseph and all the folks at Atlantis Renovation & Design for your professionalism, integrity and courtesy.
-Julie and David S.

Great Work! Joseph and his crew were exceptional. He walks you through the whole process from beginning to end. Their awards are well
deserved, because they truly are one of the best in the area. Both of our bathrooms came out even better than I expected. I would recommend Atlantis Renovation & Design for all of your remodeling needs. Thanks!
-Rick C.

AMAZING Bathroom remodel! What can I say….this was THE best remodeling experience I have ever had. Everyone was VERY professional, stayed on time and what an amazing transformation of my bathroom. We are so happy with the results and HIGHLY recommend Atlantis. Thanks Joseph!
Supplier Jerry M.

We like that you walk your clients through the process and let them know what to expect from us. We also see the great effort you go
through to communicate with your clients about what works to meet their needs on a functional, aesthetic, and economic perspective…Your projects always turn out great. It’s fantastic to see how our decorative plumbing and hardware products fit in with your clients’ kitchens and bathrooms.
-Jeffrey G., Supplier

Atlantis Renovation & Design has been an outstanding remodeling contractor to work with. I have had nothing but outstanding remarks from their clients. I have seen time and time again how they work very hands on with customers to take them step by step throughout the remodeling process. Joseph are always with a client as I walk them through appliance selection for a kitchen remodel. Typically a contractor will just send a client in to select their appliances. Atlantis always guides their customers through each and every step, helping them find the best selection at the best value for their home. Working with Atlantis Renovation & Design has always been a pleasure for me.
What does impress me the most though is talking to their customers after completion of the project. Their clients feel that Joseph has
helped them with a major project in their lives. They immerse themselves in the project for the customer, who is now a friend and not just a client. You really get the sense of family with this company. I am proud to work with them always.
-Chris W., Supplier

We asked Joseph, after having met him for the first time at the Auto Show, to meet with us for estimates and to get a “personal feel” for
his standards and integrity. We wanted to paint our kitchen, re-wallpaper, put in French doors leading to our patio, build a new shower facility in the back bath, install new lighting, construct a book shelf-entertainment center in the den, install new sculptured marble tops in two baths, and to upgrade in an assortment of other ways, including new hardware for cabinets, mirrors, and re-decorating ideas. For all of these labors, we feel that we could not have chosen a better contractor in all of the GTA. Not only is Joseph a man of integrity, but he also has exceptionally high standards in his workmanship. The job is not done until it is done absolutely correct and according to the wishes of his clients. All of the people who work for him, the plumbers, the painters, electricians, carpenters, decorators, etc., all must achieve his high standard of excellence, safety, and cleanliness or the job will be redone at his own expense. He does not wait for complaints from the owners but takes the initiative in spotting things that he knows are unacceptable. The results are always beautiful and appropriate. He continually conveys his ideas and plans to his clients and drops no “surprises” on them that are irreversible. Joe is friendly, sensitive to the apprehensions and the inexperience of his clients, creative in his suggestions, careful about costs, and well organized in his proceedings on a job which takes several weeks to accomplish and therefore puts his clients out of their normal domestic routine. He is a supervisor of master craftsmanship.
– Mr. & Mrs. Cook

You personally participated in appointments with cabinet  companies and helped me get through the many styles, woods and finishes
to accomplish the effect I desired. This included a rounded upholstered corner eating booth and a double lighted display cabinet with glass doors and shelves, which serves as a focal point from the entrance to the room. The extent to which attention was given to details in each
area and providing the maximum of storage space in the closet under the stairs and landing accomplished a very outstanding and useful effect. The quiet and understanding manner of Joseph and the attitude with which he deals with people, both the customer and his workers made the undertaking of this project much easier than it could have been. Needless to say, we are immensely pleased with the outcome
of our addition and Atlantis Renovation & Design Company which made it happen.
– Mr. & Mrs. Talbot

We thank you for the accomplishments of your superior crew in finishing our room addition in record time. It was a lot to ask of you and the fortunes of weather were kind to us, however you met the challenge head on and the room was ready when we needed it. Each of your subcontractors was efficient, polite, thorough, skillful, and accommodating. The project was well planned and there were no lengthy delays due to personnel or materials. You, your brother in law and the rest of your staff worked hard no only to please us, but also give us the best project for our money. You succeeded. Since its completion, the addition has received great reviews from those that use it the most – our children and their friends. It serves its intention as a gathering point for friends and family in a warm and comfortable fashion. Needless to say, we are all pleased with the outcome. We have and will continue to recommend Atlantis to friends and family members who are interested in projects similar to ours. Thank you for all your work.
– Drs. R & J Squires

Your bid was, of course, in-line with others we received. You were selected to do the job because of the professionalism you exhibited
when you came by to discuss the job, see the site, and pick-up the plans. This was further exemplified by the construction contract you presented which offered protection for us, as well as, for you. We have received severable favorable comments, from neighbors who have
watched the construction, on the craftsmanship, efficiency and rapidity with which the project was completed. I am confident you will hear
from them if they have any remodeling to do. It is delightful when a business association can also become a congenial and pleasant personal one. Be assured that you will hear from us again if we have any further construction to do.
– Mr. & Mrs. Shuler